Development of my Fuctional prototype

I started my application by making up all the pages and I would need and placed them together so I knew all the pages would connect from one to the other. I started with the home page screen. On this screen I placed an image of my homepage that I previously made in Photoshop in the last project. I then made the image fit the screen for a nice welcoming to my viewers to see. On this page I then have an enter button. Originally just a text button but I found it was very limit to how I could make the button look so I then changed it to an image with bold, white and capital letters as you can see above in the second image. This is a button you can click to lead you onto the next page. However, this button only appears when you come into the location of the Geocache. If the users are elsewhere the enter button is hidden and you are unable to have access to the application. The page will then look like the third image above. When the user presses enter they will then come onto a page with all of the news stories displayed in front of you like the image below. I also had this page pre designed from the last project again. I then added a Navigation bar on the top of the screen I then made this match the background but I made it a bit darker so you can see it is a different part to the page. Next I moved onto making sure all the pages match up with the screen size making sure it all fits correctly.


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