BBC News Application

On my phone I have an application called BBC News to read on recent events happing around the country. This app is a National news app for the United Kingdom that shows the latest and biggest stories in the UK on that day and also in your local Area. The app is coloured mainly red to relate to the BBC One where the news channel is shown on and stand out more with the white news boxes. The pages are easy to navigate though and visually pleasing to the eye. This app is kind of like mine application minus the Killing Balloon rampage. This app displays a homepage and then asks for your location, on acceptation you then are able to open the local stories of the county you live in. This matching mine app as you only can read the news from that one location and not the others unless you are there or at least saved the page when you were there. This can be annoying however as I am unable to read the local news while at Uni. This is where I got my inspiration from by having a news page with stories located on the first page but I wasn’t too fond on the rectangle boxes so changed my designs to squares. Also this means the news stories will stack better on top of each other.


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