The Attack of the Balloons

For this project I carried on to the second part of Design Iterations where I will build a Functional Prototype of my IOS mobile application. My application will be using geocached data which means you are only able to access the app while in the set location and then an alert will apper while in the geocache area. While in this area you will be able to acess the app untill you leave the area and then you will be kicked out of the app unable to gain access again untill the geocache area is entered again. Users of my applicalation should be able to use the interface and navagate thoughout the app to the relevant screens intended. Thoughout this dossier I will show the process of how the app was created and what issuses I crossed on the way during this process. You will notice thoughout the second half of this project I will kept refering to the first half to show how my ideas have come so far with constant improvement thoughout the whole project. My ideas came from nothing and mounted into something Beatiful.


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