Final Designs

Here are some final outcomes to my designs. Starting with the opening page. Here I used the title BALLOONS RUN! because these are evil balloons and you dont want to hang round them. Followed by an image of a sign which shows a man running away from balloons for an illustration of what the app is about. The next page is the homepage where you can see 6 different buttons to click on. Each button has a icon on with a hint of red to make them stand out. Again the logo is displayed at the top of the screen. Next is the info page. The logo is displayed at the top with a little edit of the word run to the word info, I have done this with the rest of the pages. below i added an image and text about the balloons. And if there is more text then an arrow to go down the page. Also this page you can see the nav bar at the bottom. I coloured the bar red to stand out and the icons are black and white. I added a home icon to take you to the home page and then the same icons on the homepage for each of the other pages such as Chat, Tools and so on. The Map page I used a normal google map image and added a blue GPS dot to show where you are that pops up when you press the blue arrow. and lastly a search bar is on the page. The normal map was too colourful so i erased the background and make it darker to fit in the theme.

Next is the chat page is for users of the app to use when in the geocache area to leave messages from one another. here you can see speech boxes and a box to type your own message if you wish to. Next is the tools page. Here you can add in all the tools you need to have to go outside. after adding an item you are able to then tick that box so you can see what you have and what you need for yourself. The next page is the news page. This shows latest news and top news to do with everything related to the balloons with many different articles. And lastly is a compass this just shows you which way is north so you can find the way home if you happen to get lost. These pages I have placed together to follow a theme to suit with the whole idea together



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