Photoshop Collages

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.47.45collargeballon

Today in class we made Colleges for our powerpoint page. Starting off the class we all had random pieces of paper and newspapers. We then looked though the pages to see what we can create. For mine I had an image on Swanage that i cut up and placed incorrectly on the page. I then had two heads and a woman that is wearing camera parts as an apron. This work wasn’t my best and i really didn’t know what I could have done. I then moved to making collages on photoshop. I like photoshop more due to not making a mess and getting sticky. For the photoshop collage I placed a balloon on the page to match the work I am already doing. I then added the brain in the balloons head. Then topped it of with glasses and a bow tie to make the balloon look more human. But the balloon is evil so i wanted to add blood and a knife. Lastly I then wanted a sky where I cut up the pieces of a photo and placed them on a page randomly and did the same with the grass. And to finish it of I then coloured behind it to add more different textures in the work.

landcolballScreen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.39.44

Lastly I thought the powerpoint is going to be landscape so I need to make my image the same. I then redid the image and i like how it looks but it looks too… Happy? like this is a murdering balloon not a kids TV presenter I need to make him more scary. I then changed the grass and sky to night time but this don’t look as nice and still looks happy. But I still prefer the first collage I made and apperently somehome I need this to say that this is my app… but how exactly I am unsure


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