Seminar Workings


Today in class we was asked to answer the 5Ws and a H… We had to answer them using the person who finds the geocache. I have chosen Ariel Who has a fascination in mystery so all that is happening in the world she is finding interesting and wants to learn more. Earlier today Ariel came across this new app called Balloons Run, Unsure what It was she downloaded it thinking it would explore more about these balloons. However the app wouldn’t work and unsure why. Later in the evening Ariel started to watch the balloons and observing them, This really interested in this. The balloons see her spying on them and start to float towards her. Ariel then runs away from them towards the beach and approaches the bridge to hide undercover from the balloon mafia.


Then I moved onto creating a storyboard quickly, We only had a minute to draw in each box (so excuse the bad drawing). This shows the story of Ariel running under the bridge and feels her phone vibrate and Bing really loudly. Ariel then takes out her phone to a notification. She then accepts and opens up the app. The app loads up and she then can see this app different functions to do. She then walks out of the geocache area and the app disables and don’t work anymore. She then has to walk back in order to use the app.


Here I have planned what the pages could look like, One being the home screen I had already thought off. then a main page that leads onto another page with all the apps on it. You then can go from this page to all the other pages. such as the info page all about the balloons and why they are hear in the world. Next is maps for where you can see balloons are currently. then a checklist to what you need to help yourself agains the balloons. (tin hats included) then latest news just about the balloons. Chat from other people using the app and have been in that location just to keep people up to date. lastly the weather. I not do all these Ideas but just experimenting with ideas I could do.


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