App Design


Today we looked at app designs that were already created and to see what they include in order for us to see what goes into an app and how to make it look good and effective. we then got into groups to design an app each. My group got canteen meaning we had to make an app design around the BU canteen. We go as a group and thought we should base it on the iBU app using the pinkish background and Pinky boxes on top.

The home page was showing a big BU logo to link that it belongs to BU, Then a lowercase eat. We then thought instead of eat BU you can have Eat At BU but the at from eat can be uppercase so they link together. Then we have buttons inwhich relate to the 4 food places within the canteen. personally I think the logo should have a pink back to it so it can stand out from the page a bit more

Next was the page I made, for the ‘Streat’ food place. Here I went straight to making the logo just using the paint brush as this logo isnt big online. I then displayed this big at the top. Then i moved onto the food images. It was 9.30 and couldnt take photos of the food served there so I just took some off line to show what it would look like on the page. I carried on and added some text about the food. Then lastly I added pink boxes behind just like on the iBU app so that they stand out a bit more and dont all into the background. Although I wish I thought about having calorie intake on the meals and also allergy warnings and that would be nice to add and people people that need to watch what they eat.

Lastly the page of PAPA JOHNS was made. Working along side me we thought the pages should look the same but have the content that suites the restaurant, such as papa johns logo and what pizzas they sell. Again if there was more time may have added the calorie intake and allergy warnings. Also what is annoying is the boxes dont line up so if there was more time we would have made sure it was nice and straight.



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