Tyrone Hampton


Name: Tyrone Hampton
Age: 31
Occupation: Manager at HMV
Location: Bournemouth
Marital Status: Single
Interests: TV, Video Games and Football

Tyrone was born and raised in Bournemouth. Growing up Tyrone was always the only playing video games and some say the child within him will never die. Tyrone then finished school and went to college to study games tech, After this Tyrone had gained a job working for a shop called HMV where they sell movies, music and so much more. From working weekends to working full time Tyrone soon became the Manager of HMV. He loved his job as he was always able to see the latest movies that came out and be able to call it work.

Tyrone loves watching TV shows such as the Walking Dead, Supernatural and Game of Thrones. He enjoys the escape from reality where you can see another world and how they may live for an escape of his own world. This also applies with his love of video games, But also Tyrone loves to challenge himself. He would also challenge himself outside playing football with his mates on the weekends. This also included time chilling with his mates and sometimes afterwards they may get a pint at the pub.

Tyrone takes the Balloon-man invasion a bit like a game. Growing up Tyrone always talked about having a Zombie survival kit ready when the outbreak of zombies over takes the world. The Balloon-man are overtaking the world, They are everywhere and up to no good as they are using mind control to makes humans go out and kill other humans. Tyrone feels that he needs to get even with the Balloon-men and take back the country that belongs to the human race.


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