Clyff Kliep


Name: Clyff Kliep
Age: 3 years old.
Occupation: Children’s entertainer.
Born: Tescos, Bournemouth.
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Yoga, Reading and Arts

Clyff is one of all Balloon people, Since an outbreak of Balloon people in 2022, Balloon-man have floated on the earth for 3 years now and Clyff was one of the first. Now balloon-man are smarter than humans and the human race seem not to like them due to them taking there jobs and overtaking their world. However Balloon-man feel like they didn’t chose to become part of the world but also feel they are as welcome to live as much as the humans. This has lead the balloon-man to fight for there balloon rights of living in the same world. Clyff was one of a 20pk of assorted balloons, However as only came to know 8 of them and 3 of them unfortunately poped away very suddenly in the younger days when they where just starting out. Although this really upset Clyff it also frightened him. Clyff tries not to let it worry him but even day to day activities prove difficulty and wonder if he will go the same way.

As well as being king Clyff also enjoys long floats across the beach side with his friends talking about their lives for ages. He also loves to take up yoga and meditate most days. Clyff tends to get up and 5:30am to get to the local community centre for a 6am start for his yoga session.  Clyff also just wants to prove to the world what he can do for the world and make it a better place.

Clyff Believes that the humans have it wrong. The race of ballon-men can kill humans yes but humans have lack in understanding that because they are so smart they can see who is a threat to the world and who is not. But the humans just see it as we are murderers and say they are innocent to proven guilty. But if they knew what some people are capable of they would also kill them there and then. But we are good balloons and only mean well to live in a pleasant world without wars and fights. Although having no mouth it makes it hard for us to place out words across and let


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