Ariel Myres

vhd1398390294Name: Ariel Myres
Age: 18
Occupation: Student at Bournemouth University
Location: Bournemouth
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Photography, Horror Movies and Volleyball

Ariel has came down from Manchester to study at Bournemouth university to study Forensic Science. Ever since Ariel was younger had loved her horror movies as she believes she cant be scared of anything so she loved watching them and making her friends scared. As Ariel grown up she became fascinated with how people may have died and also by who? It was then when Ariel found a course at her college for Forensic Science she truly enjoyed her passion for looking into how people can go about killing people but what she enjoyed more was what evidence they left behind. Now Ariel finds horror movies more of a detective film rather than horror and also she has furthered her study to learn more in university.

Ariel is a strong tough girl that lets nothing scare her. She loves watching horror movies but not to be scared but to learn and find out how people got killed. But movies are not always realistic so Ariel liked to look into local case stories and other interesting topics for fun. Ariel also is fond of photography, taking photos of landscapes and textures that were applying to look at. Lastly Ariel Loved to unwind by playing volleyball with her friends on a Thursday afternoon.

Ariel found out about this invasion of Balloon-men and she finds it quite interesting, She wonders what and how they kill. Overlooking the local news she constantly sees all these deaths by balloon. and yes this disgusts her but she isn’t scared and wants to get out there and look more into it figuring out how exactly they kill. Ariel also thinks it is going to be a very interesting story to tell one day when they have destroyed all these Balloons.


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