Chester Clark

Hipster businessman taking selfie

Name: Chester Clark
Age: 28
Occupation: Market Researcher at BetterLivingCo
Location: Southampton
Marital Status: Married

Chester grow up in Essex then moved out at 19 to go to University of Bath to study Business and Management (Marketing) which landed him a job in Southampton at BetterLivingCo in which Chester has now been working for over 3 years. BetterLivingCo is a business that sell health product from Soap, Hand sanitiser, Cleaning Products and so on. Chester enjoys his job as it helps him bring in income for his new family. Just after uni Chester married the love of his life, Kelsey. They have since been blessed with a sweet baby called Hanna last year. Chester wishes to help and support his family as much as he can.

However Chester had accidentally came across some information that he should not have over heard. He overheard the CEO talking about an experiment to make the first 100% germ free Soap that they have started to test. Although this hasn’t went to plan. To make this soap they used this toxin called Nyissai, Its a nice uplifting scent and if perfect to cleanse the skin. However for an unexplained reason when this substance comes into contact rubber, that object gains intelligence until it evaporates, This toxin cant harm humans but what it can do can make the human race extinct. They just discovered that after somebody has washed their hands then if they blow up a balloon within 2-4 hours then that balloon gains intelligence, Although the toxin cant evaporate so the balloon gains stronger and develops a Brain in time. Within time the Balloon become so strong they become so hard to kill off and they also keep reproducing.

Although knowing this fact the CEO didn’t want to miss this breakthrough on achieving 100% germ free Soap. So he plans to release a trial run in Bournemouth in about 10 years time. Just so they can prevent this from happening and also see how many people it could effect. Chester knows for a fact he cant keep this from everybody but then again if he starts to tell people he is sure to be killed. He then wants to create an app that will help the residents of bournemouth to survive the balloon genius rampage that is coming.


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