UCD – Norman

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Norman Johnson – 68 from Westbourne

Norman has lived in Bournemouth for the last 44 years in a little house in Westbourne with his wife, Barbara (62) That have been married ever since he was 26 and only daughter, Jennifer (31). Jennifer moved out 13 years ago to go to university in London and now owns her own business within London. However Norman is left alone due to his wife passing away last month in hospital. To Norman, Barbara was the most important thing in his life and he wants something to remember her by. Today is their 42nd Wedding anniversary and Norman remembers the day he proposed to her. He was 22 at the time and he took Barbara on a holiday to Bournemouth the holiday was in October and rained for most of the time. But on Sunday October 21st 1973, The last day on the holiday the rain clouds went away and the sun came out and they headed to the beach. They both got some fish and chips and sat on the bank side over looking the beach listening the the seagulls chirp. It was just perfect! He then got up and got on one knee to pop the question to marry him and of course she said yes. However Norman isn’t getting any younger and his mind wasn’t what and never wants to forget his time with his wife. With the help from his daughter he then was able to make an app that included all the photos and stories of them together. This app was also made with a geocache, so that every time he visits the place in which he preposed he can then see all these images of them together. So he could never forget.

in 2025 Norman who is now 78 has gained dementia and cant really remember much these days. He lives in a local Bournemouth nursing home called Avon Cliff. Norman often gets to go out and enjoy some fresh air. One point they normally stopped on the beach in the location by the bank side. This is infact the same bank side Norman preposed to Barbara. He then gets out his phone witch is infact the same iPhone 5 he got for his birthday 11 years ago but couldn’t bare to depart with it as this was the one his wife gave him. He then gets to this location where the geocache app opens up. He then can look though all these photos and stories about his wife. Every day Norman dose this as this is the one thing he never wants to forget, But some days he dose… But then he soon remembers with the help of this app.

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