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This is Margret Wilkinson, 82 from Newcastle.
Margret is a keen baker and loves making cakes. Most of all she loves baking her family recipe for Red Velvet cake. She remembers as a child her parents taking her to Bournemouth beach to visit her grandparents. But one day it was raining so they stayed in and learnt how to make the family Red Velvet for the fist time. Margret wants the recipe to live on when she dies more so now she has found out she has a terminal illness. Now Margret has one daughter but recently had a huge falling out due to the daughter just wanting her money. This is why Margret came down to Bournemouth on 29th September 2015 to make a geocache of her recipe for people in the future to find and enjoy making even after she passes away.

Terence, 24 from Newcastle.
Terence has just came out of University where he got a degree in catering. Terence just brought this house in 2025 after the last owner had passed away. The house however is a bit dated and needs some work done to it. As Terence was tearing up carpets and all he came across an envelope  with a recipe inside call Million Pound Red Velvet with coordinates on linking to a spot on Bournemouth Pier Approach . Terence believes there is a million pound waiting for him in Bournemouth. Terence then got the train down to Bournemouth to find the million pounds. Terence then found the geocache to a recipe for the Red Velvet Cake. Not happy there was no million pounds but thought why not make the cake and see how good it is seeing as he travelled so far. The cake was so good he thought why not sell it in his new bakery. Where it became the best selling cake he had.


Lynda Rye, 39 from Ringwood.
Lynda is a housewife with 2 twin daughters calls holly and phoebe. Lynda dont have much to do in the day besides cleaning and cooking so she includes her daughters happiness as a hobby. Lynda tries to make her days interesting by planning many fun activities with her daughters such as backing, reading and going on day trips and all while daddy works long days in the office. however Lynda also enjoys Reading, Cooking, Yoga and social events with her friends.

Tyler Munro, 19 from Winton
Tyler is a Student at Bournemouth University studding media production where he is achieving a high 2:1 in 2nd year. Tyler comes from London and has never lived anywhere else before so moving out has been a good experience. he works part time at a Tesco express after uni on week days. Tyler enjoys Writing, Youtube, watching TV game shows with companions, baking for his housemates and enjoys making them new interesting food and enjoys going out with his mates on the weekend.

Ben Hopper 39 from Bournemouth
Ben has lived in Bournemouth for the last 15 years, due to finding the love of his life who he married at the age of 24. Ben meet Susan when he was 16 for the first time, This was at a party on the beach during the summer. Since then they became friends and then managed to meet every year in summer until he was 21 where they continue to date and finally got a house together 2 years later. To pay the bills Ben has his own bakery in the town triangle and it is really loved by the locals and everybody is really friendly. Ben also enjoys baking, sport and having a pint at the pub with the guys.


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