For the project I was thinking what I could possibly do for my application. So I made a mind map on what could be interesting for somebody in 2025 to find. What if in 10 years time the world is a different place. but then again what if its the exact same as it is now.

some of my ides are

  1. 360 degree view of what the pier approach looks like today
  2. Time lapse of 2015 in a video including sound
  3. Snapchat Stories of people while on the beach all in a video
  4. A story of something happing now and in 2025 the answer is there
  5. What if there is no seaside? can you view this one via the camrea
  6. What if you can change what the beach looks like.
  7. What if not animals exist and you can see what they are
  8. 3D map with indercaters showing what was where.

These are my fist ideas to what my app could be about.


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