History Of Bournemouth Pier Approach.


Thinking about the idea of Bournemouth in 2025… What will people in 10 years time want to know about boring 2015. Seeing as i’m not from Bournemouth I have no idea what the pier was like before 2014. I know recently they have remodelled it as when I first saw the pier approach it didnt have much going on and there was a lot of space with a palm tree set in the middle. Along side was a merry-go-round that sometimes appeared. Now it have the tourist centre and seating in some shade along with a water fountain that turns on randomly and soaks people.

thewaterfrontbournemouth5572491172_dd06192f7a1982 Baths37

I then did some research on the pier approach to see what it was like 10 years ago from today, if it even was any different? I then noticed in 2004 there seem to be this big glass building right beside the beach and had been since 1999. Far as I knew this was just a floor that has entertainment on some days. I had no idea what this building was so I looked into it and apparently there used to be an imax cinema with KFC and all in that building. For me I just wonder what it looked like in there and wondered why it was ever knocked down and made into a boring tile work. But little did I know the residents of bournemouth hated the building and was rated one of Britains top hated building. This was due to blocking the view to Poole and Purbeck. Then in 2012 they finally took action and demolished the whole building.

.               1972 DORSET2014p32 BmthPierApproach19721970 PierApproach   

in 1970 the introduction of the pier bridge came about and wasn’t finished until after 1972. Which separated the road from the seaside. and that bridge still remains today. Before this the beach got destroyed during world war 2 but the was refurbished to look just like it did before and also extending the pier so it was longer than before. As the years go back you can see the layout stayed the same but more buildings went up as bournemouth became more popular to live in.

.     1938 snap30sbooklet91911 Becho1911e.JPG-pwrt3

This is just a little bit of history on Bournemouth approach which I have found interesting. So maybe somebody in 10 years time will want to know what the Approach looks like now? and my also find it intreating? But this is my first Idea and I will have to see what other outcomes I can come up with first


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