Expanding Ideas

Waterfall-modelIn yesterdays lecture we looked into ways of getting new ideas and how we can keep improving our ideas and not just giving up on them. We looked at Waterfall and Whirlpool cycles on the design process. Where waterfall is when you get and idea and go step by step from having an idea all the way to completing that idea.. however you cant get back up a waterfall? So what if something can be improved and made easier? this is when the whirlpool process is much better. This is because you can have an idea and then when it comes to making the prototype you can keep going in circles testing new theories again and again. Then at the end you finally come out if the whirlpool with your final product. I like the whirlpool process the best as you can test so many things and with the testing you never know what will happen and what will work but this opens you your mind to thinking about the product differently.

So with this project we need to look at the users needs. But what dose the user need? something they already have? or something they don’t! Need to think what app lacks in the world either thinking of something new… But most good apps have already been made or tested and failed. So why not look at something that has already been made and make it better? So I need to take this information forward with my ideas when it comes to knowing what i should do.

What if? That is the question! What if in 2025… there is no such things as cars?… The whole of Bournemouth is bulldozed and rebuilt?… there is no ice cream… or even a beach… The government may hate beaches one day and just cover it up in concrete! How will people in 2025 know what was here at this time in 2015 if they have no knowledge of the experiences. So maybe the app I create is about what there is now to what 2025 my have missed out on and be fascinated by as they haven’t seen Bournemouth in this way!Iterative_development_model.svg


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