Beach Trip!

Today we had the seamier on the beach.this was the Requirements Phase.  This was so we could gather information about the beach and get to know the area and view what audience we may aim our app towards.

I spent 2 hours walking around the beach looking for new approaches in which I could make into an app?  I looked into many things, seeing as this is based in 2025? and not 2015 this means maybe the app needs to say something about whats here in 2015 compared to what may not exist anymore in 10 years time. Even the beach this time last year looked so different to what it is now due to building a better Bournemouth. This made me think of many ideas from abstract photos of textures on the floor to seats and sand to simple things of just flavours of ice cream the pier is selling. But the question is what will I do?

For my next steps I will be to do some research on the past of the beach. What was there 10 years ago that i would like to have seen today via an app? I will then go onto making some mind maps of things that relate to 2015 on the beach right now that i can make into and app.

Pier Approach 2014                                       Pier Approach 2015

3828811_36063d39 533964388_640


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