Last Min Problem Solving!

screenshot-314 screenshot-315

As the Project is coming to an end we have been playing around and testing a few different things on our wed app to make sure everything is working up to our standard. As we started to look about a few problems soon where raised…

  1. Is the Site Responsive? Before easter Becky was assigned to make the site responsive to different sized computers as-well-as tablets and phones. However becky seemed to have started this later than planned and seemed to have some trouble trying to place the CSS together and came to me and Darlene for help, At first we gave becky some useful links and advice how to make it responsive. But becky seem to still be having trouble. Becky soon reached out to ask darlene for help. Darlene even thought she had she own code to fix, sat down and looked into make it responsive. As you can see above our some images of Darlene making the page responsive and also how the page should look when responsive. She then pasted this to GitHub so becky could fine it. From here becky is able to make the site responsive to tablet size.
  2. The other day I raised a Query to Darlene about logging into the page. I asked what if two people had the same name? would they make 2 accounts and all will be okay? do you sign into the others account but have 2 passwords for it? or will you be declined to sign up as name is taken? Darlene soon worked out what I was trying to get at then went off to work on how to fix this issue. Darlene soon came back and pointed out that if we change it so they have to sign in with their Student ID then you shouldn’t have this problem. Darlene soon changed the code and I could see this had resolved the issue.
  3. Report Button? Becky was working on a report button before easter. We wanted this button so if any abuse on the page means we can find out what was said and by who. Becky came back to inform us that unfortunately we cant do a report button as we will need a mail sever for the page which we don’t have so we cant include the button.
  4. Last Problem That I only saw today was on the posting page. When testing the page for the last time I could see that when posting long posts it cut of where the location starts leaving that side black for some reason. After I informed Darlene about this error she soon got to it and within mins she came back and had fixed it all. I then went back to the page and tried it all again and it works fine. And so happy we noticed this before we sent it in tomorrow,

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.10.23  Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 02.05.52



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