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When going through the code last night Becky kindly pointed out that when she loads the code on her browser the names appear like this for some reason. Me and Darlene have never seen this issue when we loaded up the code before and a number of computers we have been on at home and at uni so we wondered why it only shown up on Becky’s computer and why has she only seen it today and not before while working on the project? We are all using chrome and Darlene also uses windows so its not a mac thing. But in-order for this not to happen again I looked into changing the code so this don’t happen on other computers again. When looking over it, It only seems that the accents on foreign names where the only ones having the issue. To stop this I could simply change ü to a u and é to a e but I didn’t want to do that incase it offended my group members in anyway. So what i did was use ü for the u and é for the e. This is a HTML encoding for foreign letters that may be used in the text. This should sort out any issues along these lines within our code

11086839_10153836442704478_881451200_o Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 23.20.16



Unknown, HTML Encoding of Foreign Language characters Available from: [Accessed on the 16th April 2015]

Hughes, R., 2015. beckyhughes94 Available from: [Accessed on the 16th March 2015]


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