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Over the last few months I have had an assessment for Digital Media Design.
For this Project we were placed into groups to create a “social” Web based application that addresses a specific “problem” of a target audience of out choice.
The previous Group I was in didn’t go to plan so I joined a second Group. This Group consisted of myself, Darlene, Becky and Israfiél. When I joined the group they had a strong idea at heart to place together a web application that allows Bournemouth Uni students to post whatever they wished to a page anonymously so nobody could know they had posted that post. We saw this as a problem students may have on a day to day basis on the fact that we all need to vent there emotions out to the public.

University can get very stressful for students, and as much as we may deny it and say we are all okay that maybe far from the truth. So this Webpage is for the fellow students to post anything from how their day has been, What they have had for dinner, What team they support and are so going to win but end up losing… To dramatic posts on how they think they are going to fail their course, how they are struggling with the student load, or a whine on their house mates and so on. So with this website they can express them-self and let all of the frustration out on the internet to other fellow uni students.

We have now placed all of the pages together and this is how the whole website looks now…

screenshot-297 screenshot-298

Here is they first page you will come across on our webpage. the background is a simple image of bournemouth beach, We thought this was a good idea as the image of the beach makes users relate to where they are studying and make it a nice and friendly experience for the user. Also displayed on the page is the Logo and name. The name of our page is called Turtle Talks and likewise the logo is a cute little turtle. Lastly on the page is a login and no account button. The login button is where you can sign in with your name and password.

However if you don’t have an account you can click ‘No Account’ This is so you can make an account to sign in. Their is a few fields you need to fill in to make your new account. First you select if you are Male or Female, Then you can type in your name in for your account name followed by a password. For the password you need to place this in twice just incase you spell it wrong the first time you need to match both of the passwords otherwise your password will become invalid. Also other ways your password can be invalid is by not having one number or one letter in your password. If you do happen to miss something from your password then a message will pop up to informed them to change the details before saving. Lastly you will need to add When all the information is filled in correctly the information will then be saved to the database.

Soon after the user will get notify that their details have been saved and they have been registered and now able to sign in. So just like before the user now has an account and can click on Login. Then the user can type in their name and password to login from there. This then sends a query that searches the database for any matches, If found then its grants access to the site by starting up a session.

*ALERT!!! I have just thought about an issue with the login, When signing up and you have a common name such as Jack! you will make an account and sign in and all will be okay. Until another Jack comes to make an account… Now what would happen will it be taken and need to make a different name? Will you be able to sign into the others account and post on their behalf? or is it all okay that in the database it is signed up with your name and password it will find a match which will be a different account number to the other one and all will be okay?
On regards I will need to talk to my team mates and see what we can do to fix this issue and get back at a later date*

screenshot-289 screenshot-291

Next you will be taken to the main page of the site also known as the posting page. When you first see this page you take notice of the nice blue calming background where all of the posts are displayed. Here you can scroll though a number of different posts on the page, each saying something different as well as a different user who has posted it. You can also see on the posts how long ago the posts where made followed by the gender of the person who posted the post and lastly you can see where the post was sent from such as halls? or campus? and so on. Then below there you will see the post somebody would have made for you to read.

You then can post a post if and when you wish, at the top Right corner you will see a posting filed saying What’s up? In here you may type anything you wish to on regards its not offence in any way although you need to type more then 4 characters and less than 1000, however is you under or over exceed you will get a little message pop up explaining this fact then you can go back and place in the correct amount of characters. After this you will select your location of where you are from the drop down menu like halls and so on you can post your post to the site where it will add it to the database along with the users ID, timestamp which makes a unique ID for the individual post.

screenshot-292 screenshot-290

Then when you have filled out all the posting fields you can click on submit, Where then your post will be displayed on the feed of posts and also you well get a message saying your post has been posted. After your post onto the feed you can then view your post. But there is something different from the users post from all the other posts, The posts you have posted have a red Delete Post? This is so you can delete any post you have made for whatever reason you have like anything from typos or something you have had second thoughts about. You just need to simply click on delete post? and then it will be gone. But behind everything your post your trying to delete will be removed from the database and erasing it Unique ID which will de deleted as well and not be able to be used again.

Just like the Delete Post? button there is also a Delete Account Button. At first it was just one simple delete button but right next that button is the Logout button which when testing the page sometimes we would accidentally press the delete button and this got kinda annoying having to make lots of new accounts all the time. Due to this Darlene made it for another button to toggle down saying Sure? to make sure you really want to delete your account. After clicking this button your account will be deleted from the database.

Lastly is the Logout button which is simply a button you can click when on a public computer or friends. After the button is clicked on the pages will log you out of the database and end your session and redirect you back to the login page.

Next you have the navigation bar with four headings, the first one being the home button which is blue with the turtle logo on showing the user that this is the home page or also known as the posting page which is the same page as I explained above. Next we have the red heading which is the about page.

screenshot-293 (1) screenshot-294

This About page as you can see the function to post has disappeared as you are only allowed to post on the posting page. Next on the page it clearly displays the websites name ‘Turtle Talks’ along with the logo of the turtle walking all over the letters. Just below is a little banner of the pages mascot! TOBY the Turtle that gave us inspiration to make the page turtle based. Then below the banner are 4 boxes of all the group members with a photo of each one of our names and out names displayed below. Just blow our names is then another box saying ‘View Blog’ When clicked this will the take you to the link where our blogs are displayed. Lastly on the page is just a box with some text in describing what the website is all about and also a little disclaimer explaining what will happen if you abuse the service that we are providing. Also on the page it has a nice red background which is the same as the navigation bar.

screenshot-295 screenshot-296

The last 2 pages are quite simple, Starting with the search page… Again the posting feature isnt there again as you cant post on this page. This page is Green just like the navigation bar which matches the other pages theme. Next on the search page you can type in either a work or number and then the page will filter though all of the posts on the feed and find the ones containing the same word/number you had searched for.

The last page is the filter page, the posting feature isnt their on this page too but what is here is the location filter. Here you can select the location. If you then went a chosen Talbot campus then all of the posts will pop up from the feed that are posted from that same location. this is so you can view all of the posts from that area. Lastly the background is yellow, Again following the theme the background is yellow yet again like the navigation bar.

We now have all of the pages together but some issue still occur and we need to sort out these soon before the hand in but will keep you updated. I will bring up the issues I have found with my group mates on the next meeting.



Büttner, D., 2015. Darlene Büttners’s Blog. Available from: [Accessed on the 14th April 2015]

Buttner, D., Hughes, R., Sabine, C., Negasi, I., 2015. Turtletalks. Available from: [Accessed: 13th April 2015]


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