Finishing up

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 02.44.17 Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 03.34.52

Adding the last touches to my about page now. As you can see from last time I have fixed the buttons and now when you click on one of the buttons under a photo it will take you to their blog. So if I click on the View Blog >> button under Israflél It then will take me to his blog and I can see all of his blog posts about this project and others before hand.

Next I thought the page needed a title, All I really did was spend a few minutes putting this together, It didnt need to be fancy it just needed to say hay! this is who we are and what we are. I was sat by Darlene at the time and asked what text font she used on the login logo for the page. To which she replied Ariel. I then get that font and typed in TURTLE TALK! Now yes this was too plain, I then just brought out my logo idea and Copied and pasted a load of small ones onto the page. I then moved them all around and rotated a few so it looks like they are climbing over the logo. I was only doing this for fun at the time but Darlene turn round and thought it was so cute, So I thought why not! and added it to the about page.

Lastly The text was annoying as it was so spaced out. I looked in the CSS and changed text size and everything. But silly me I was looking in the wrong place and needed to change the letter spacing. After changing this the text then looked normal and I was happy with it. To finish off I made sure all the padding and so on was right and noting was incorrect. More so When we link them to the other pages as something may go wrong.

Finally Its all done! all now I need to do is upload it to github and link the pages to the rest of the others pages to make this final website working. Although it is the easter holidays now and every body is busy being home. But on the last week of easter I and darlene have agreed to come back early so we can make sure this will work well for Monday 20th. Also when its altogether we can see if any errors we can fix before hand. I dont want to leave this all last minute as if there is a problem we may cant fix it in time but hopefully that dont happen.


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