The Posting page….

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Currently Darlene is doing an amazing job with the PHP side to the page. In the process of improving the page to make it the best we could by adding new features to the page. Currently the on the page you can post your thought and/or ideas anonymously, So nobody signed into a different account can tell that you have posted that post there. also the posts display how long ago it was posted and also where it was posted! and lastly you are now able to delate your posts and only your posts.

After the tweeking in the posts we had to face the issue of Design! currently the boxes where green and blue with a grey background, Then Darlene added a photo that we took at the start and added it as the background and turned the nav bar blue. But this dose look like too much on the page and take your eye from the purpose of the posts. Then Darlene thought About making it a simple block colour website. At first I didnt think it would look too good and maybe childish but darlene soon throw her ideas together and after looking at the results it looked amazing!

The Design is now set we have the blue page as the main posting page where you can post your anonymous posts for everybody to see, then a red page which is the about page where you can see who we are and what the page is all about and then lastly a green page for a search bar so you can  search for things within the website




Büttner, D., 2015. Darlene Büttners’s Blog. Available from: [Accessed on the 27th March 2015]


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