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So Logos! Before we all went off and made logos this was so we can have a wide range of different ideas from different points of views. We also decided before to have the logo of a turtle for the logo as he is our little mascot and he looks so cute. Also the possibilities are endless with what we can do with a turtle design. The 1st image above is Beckey’s! she designed a few basic turtles in pencil for an ideas of where we could go next with our Logo. These ideas are so cute and some really are amazing! Its nice to see it on paper! Shows that our logo is going in a direction. Next photo is Darlenes! She used the skills she learnt in illustrator and then used again to make our logo! you can see that Darlene has used shading and diffrent colour tones to give the turtle a 3D look to it 🙂 Darlene also placed it on the homepage! now this dont mean its our logo, Just means this is where the logo is going and also for reference where to change the code! lastly it shows what the page looks like with a logo!

11047076_841860199220660_1606029893_n Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 09.46.08

Next we move onto my designs! Here I have my sketch and also my quick illustrator design I shown before on my blog! but I didnt like the logo I had made! so this time I sat down and took more time and effort with the logo so it would portray the page by looking nicer! What I did was just draw out the image of the turtle on the beach. then I coloured it in using the colour selector from the photograph. Then I tarted added shadow and light to the turtles shell and body! this makes it less flat and looks better than it was before! All we need to do now is look at the last designs and see which we will use for the page and which will fit the page best.




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