So What is this Net neutrality and how will it effect me and you?


What is this Net neutrality?
Net Neutrality is the equal treatment of all the data so users like you and me can decide what devices and software and websites we can use the net usage openly without and 3rd party people telling us what we can or cant do while we are online by saying to us that it wont work for us.
Neutral networks shows no discrimination from the sender, receiver or the content being sent though data packets. This still don’t change depending on the rate one of these are paying or what kid of application is sending or receiving the information. Data packets move freely across the internet at a constant speed as it gets routed to the correct destination. When the data is traveling around Net Neutrality don’t care where the data packets are going, how they look, Where they are from, where they want to go and what they contain.

This way you can connect with your friends even if they are the other side of the country and paying a different price and also with a different provider. You can access the internet to look at any webpage, play and game, read any Blogs or watch any videos no matter who offers them to me and on whatever device I wish too. And this is how the internet should be! this nice loving environment and we want to keep it this way!!!

Why should you Care?
You should care as Net Neutrality is becoming endangered! And all because people are to greedy and want more money. The ISP claim that the pack packets that we keep sending out will then cause jams in the system and crash the internet. This is so they can get rid of Net Neutrality and lying to us in order to do this. As we know there is plenty untapped space in the network and also that data traffic is extremely cheap.

But why are they lying to us? Over the years ISP have been getting jelouse of the internets biggest service providers such as YouTube, Facebook and so on and are not happy they are making more money then they are! So they want to stop that from happening. So rather than just transporting the data they want more power and control over what we all do online.

They are taking power by splitting the data into groups, So at the bottom of the groups lays the normal internet which will be only available for a limited amount of data and also not run as well when higher groups are running though the data network. You will also have the highest of all the groups that get the better network connection and has priority over the whole network and not limited to anything but there is a high fee to pay for this service.

Basically what this is, is making people pay a price in order to remain with the same speed as they currently have. and if you don’t pay at all then your service will then slow down for service for no reason other than that you haven’t gave them any money, So again they just want lots of money from us and become rich and famous again

With this new system in action what will happen is that the network will split the data into different groups  depending on its priority. If it was a higher group it will be able to run fast as normal. But the standard data packets will have to wait on a slow network and take longer to get to the destination as it would have to wait till the space is free in order to travel. web providers and also pay a fee to make it so more data packets are able to come though but the user may need to pay aswell. This means webpages that have non profit like wiki may become extinct as they cant pay to get the data traffic coming in.

When ISP are able to do this they can be able to do anything they like such as block, destroy or filter any upcoming apps so they do get used by the public so you wont be able to get your voice your opinos.

What If You Let It Happen?
if Net Neutrality was to die out then we would lose lots of content, free compaction and free access to the internet will be gone and will no longer be available.  Then companies by ISP will be able to only post there things online and rule the whole network. this then will lead into different types of the internet or even different internets, where we will only be able to assess certain data depending what internet we are on then.




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