GitHub Via the Terminal

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 15.08.50

Today I asked Rob today to walk me though Github due to the fact I had no idea what I was doing and thought it would be better to learn from the best! So this afternoon I sat with Rob as he walked me though a few things. He shown me how to upload my work to github from my computer.

First on the Terminal Rob shown me how to change the colour so it was move inviting to look at then the boring white one. Next he shown me that I could see what I have on my profile and also the whole computer. Then we made some nice little folders to make storing all my work nice and easy in many folders so its all neat. After this we downloaded the file from GitHub though the terminal and save it in my new folders. After this If I made any any changes to my code I could just simply check via the terminal and it would notice that I have changed things. Then I simply have to type git push and this will upload the latest copy of the code to git hub.

Then Rob suggested some programs I should download starting with Homebrew and then ImageMagick, With image magick you can play around with all then images on your desktop. You can find everything thats more then a GB or less than a MB. You can change .img to .png, you can change the size of an image from small to big and the other way round, Change images to negative and so on. This program can change so many things with your images and rearrange them all on a document. This is for quick edits so you dont need to open up photoshop and change everything then save and so on… its just a simple statement and it changes just like that.

Lastly Rob mentioned FFmpeg which is for videos. Just like image magick you can change video on your machine. I havent downloaded this program yet but I will and then I can work out its wonderful ways and see what It can really do.


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