Group meeting #3

11047076_841860199220660_1606029893_n Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 09.46.08 Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 09.31.05

Yesterday we had another Group meeting to see how everyone is doing and more what work we can be getting on with. Currently I am working on the slide show and Logo. As for the Slideshow I have a basic code for it, But I just need to change it so it is full screen and instead of a dissolve we as a group decided it would look better with a slide in from right to left. Also the suggestion of adding Arrows on the page so the user can scroll though the images faster if they wish. Somehow I will need to place the images on a loop along with an If statement. I could be wrong but I think in order to do this I will need something along the lines of slide every 10 second (else statement) arrow clicked turn to following image? I will need to work on this and next time im in the labs make sure it works as-well.

Next was the Logo.! Now I cant draw… So what I did was just take the image I had taken from the image I took the other day. and traced round it in in photoshop. Then printed it off and coloured it in. I thought seeing as the turtle is our mascot we should include him in the Logo. I shown the girls the other day the image and asked them what I can do with the logo. Great ideas where tossed about such as a turtle on a PC, dancing and so on. As for the logo we decided to keep it sweet and simple. at the group meeting Darlene had also came up with a an Idea for the Logo so she could place it on the page and display how it will look, Darlene said we dont need to use this Logo but it is a good design. In conclusion we thought we will make a few different designs and chose the best from all of them at a later date.

Israfel was also at the Group meeting today and said he was working on the about Bournemouth page. We all thought It would be a nice idea for the page. Seeing as it is based on BU students It would be nice to include a bit about the town in which we live in. So israfel when off to work on this.

Becky is still doing working on the about the team page. currently she is working on a report button for the page. We thought that some people may abuse the site but posting offensive posts to one another. To avoid this happening as much we thought we could add the report button so people can click it and feel safer on the site. This report button we send us a notification so we know what post is causing offence. Then we can look who posted the post via their BU ID and then send them an angry Email telling them it is not acceptable and theaten them with deleting there account. as for the About page Becky asked me if I would help her with some of the coding and I thought why not. I will get the code off github when I finish the Logo and see how I can help her with the page and add my own little sparkle. Also asked Becky if she too could come up with a Logo so we have a few different designs to chose from and we all have a input on it aswell.

Darlene as normal has speed ahead with the PHP! amazing isnt she! Looking on the page she has now made the boxes blue and green and has fixed the Gender bit to the posts which she said last week she wanted to fix. Now darlene has also added a Delete button! This is so you can delete your account from the database if you wish not to have it anymore. Darlene has improved so much on this task and still continuing to add more. The only thing I have just seen that I will need to mention to her is the Whats up? box. I can see she is using a white, grey and green colour scheme on the header there but when typing in the box it had to see what you are typing with the green on Grey. Either the Grey or Green needs to change as currently it is difficult to read. Besides from that everything is amazing and I cant wait to see how every one is getting along tomorrow!

  Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 09.29.13



Büttner, D., 2015. Darlene Büttners’s Blog. Available from: [Accessed on the 18th March 2015]


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