Collaborative Project

Today we has a lecture on our new brief for the Collaborative Project and also got to meet our new Groups!

The Aim of the Unit
To consolidate and communicate production skills and critical learning in a collaborative media project between Scriptwriting, Radio, Digital Media Design and Television Production.

In the lecture we was informed that we will be working on a live project for Channel 4. This will be a TV blarp which are made to be a short clip of a comedy sketch that are able to be made into TV shows or more later down the road.

Being DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN I will need to make a Parallax scrolling website, When I was first shown what a Parallax scrolling website is I was quite scared as I thought I would never be able to make one as good as what I see online but then after viewing a few… Not all are as good as the ones I was shown and also I will get to understand the ways of how they work though research and workshops alside self study

In my group I have…

3 TV Production…
Lindsay Haines
Anna Pledger
Anna Rawe

2 Script Writing…
Gabriel Mandal
Graziana Anita Ramundi

3 Digital Media Design…
David Watts
Howard Smith
Christina Sabine (me)

1 Radio…
Jordan Wildon

My group look to be a fun group to work with. After the Lecture we all meet up and throw some ideas around between us. We are planning to meet up again soon to gather more ideas and place them on paper. We are hoping to do this before easter 🙂


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