Progress on Name and logo


So the group asked me to help out with the Name and Logo on tuesday. Although We all wanted to base the project around a turtle I went out and just expanded our Ideas just incase we were limiting our options here. I drew out a Mind Map of different names that iincluded the fact we were anonymous, aimed at uni students and also included the turtle. Such names included some names like… Hidden Messages, Anonymous Turtle and Student Feed. After I had came up with an range of Ideas I asked the group if they had and names to input, After this we gathered all the names and then I asked the Group which they liked the most. Listed below are the groups top 3 names.

  1. Turtle Talks
  2. Ghost Mail
  3. Unipost

All of us in the group like Turtle Talks and It dose fit with the turtle theme we have planned for the page. Seeing as we have the name sorted now all we need now is the Logo. Now I cant draw so this is more work than I first thought. I ended up up tracing an image i taken of the turtle. then coloured it in. This isnt the logo, I just wanted to colour in the turtle 🙂 Next I will work on the real design of the logo for our page. I am thinking of a 2D flat design logo thats simple and effective to make it stand out on the page and make it a strong design.



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