Group Meeting #2

Today I had a second group meeting.

The girls have shown me there recent updates to the website that they have made. They seem to be working at a steady pace and the page its looking good. Now the Girls have added me to the Github account so I can also add to the Account. The other day when looking at the page, darlene had added a photo of bournemouth and We thought why dont we add more of them photos. This was where darlene suggested to make the login page as a slideshow. This was now my task to try and make the page slide from one to another photo.

I next informed That the Name for our website was TURTLE TALKS. I had asked the group as well as my housemates and friends which was the best name and Turtle Talks came out on top. this now means I need to start working on a Logo for the Group. The logo shall include a turtle but how i’m not quite sure but Hopefully will look good in the end.

Darlene has recently been working loads on her page Since we chosen the name to be turtle talks, Darlene had improved the login page. the page now has a sign up button that toggles down on the page if you don’t have an account. she has also improved the design and added our new colour shame to the page. We thought to go by Green as for the turtle and also it is a very unisex and calm colour to use. This means our target audience won’t be offended by the colour as they would if we used Pink or Blue. Its a nice solid colour that also in calming and makes you think safely about the page. Next Darlene was working on the Password field to make it so you would need to confirm password inorder to make an account for the page. Darlene also mentioned to me that she wants to make the box red when the password is invalid or wrong as well as sorting out the gender when you post so you can tell if the one who posted the post is female or male.

Rebecca is continuing on improving the about page She has now improved and added me to the page along with the navigation bar with drop down menus. I personally havent seen Beckys page yet but I will soon so I can give more of an update on it.


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