Group Meeting

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So on Tuesday I joined my new Group, We all meet in the PHP workshop to discuss how far the guys have got to before I joined the Group, At this stage Darlene had the posting page all set up and was able to make posts to the page. Although its looking amazing Darlene still had to work out a few things such as the colour for the boxes, the way people post and also more on the log in page. Becky had the About page up and running but again still had some work to do on it. Lastly Israfiel was also working on linking the webpage with a twitter account.

Being new in the group I didnt want to intrude on what people where doing so I just asked them What can I do to help. The guys said they where lacking a LOGO and design for the page and wondered if I would like to help out there. I was more than honoured to help out and was willing to step in and help. I informed my group I would read up on there blogs so I can get a look at where they have came from and a understanding of there thinking process along the way.

Darlene Showed us her login page she had put together and we loved the image she used on the page. We asked where she got it from and she replied saying she had taken the photo herself. The image was of Bournemouth pier and it looks so cute. I also recalled becky saying we needed images for the about page. This was when I suggested we took some photo of us all for the about page and also the some photos of around Bournemouth for the login page. This was when darlene said we could make the login page as a slideshow, Showing different images every 10 seconds. We will workout the code for this though at a later date. The girls were all up for it, seeing as it was such a nice day and a good bonding experience. Unforcantly Israfiel couldn’t make it that day to take the photos.

DSC_6962 DSC_6934

Due to Israfiel not being able to make it we thought we should take the group photos another day. In the meanwhile us girls went to bournemouth to take a few photos. We thought taking some images around Bournemouth would be the best as it means uni students can relate to it more as they live in the area. So as we entered the Gardens we saw so many cute Squirrels and had to take some photos, By this point we were just taking so many random photos it was becoming fun and also using the techniques from the photo task we has in the 1st term of uni help improving the photos we where taking. We took it in turns to take photos and all enjoy ourselves doing so. We then walked to the beach to take more photos. Recently I gained a toy of a turtle from my housemate for my birthday. Now this toy was amazing as you squeeze its belly his head pops out. I had him in my bag and started taken some random photos with him. As we were looking though the photos we all thought why not have the turtle be the mascot to our page?

Thinking about the research I did about Jodel and Yik Yak both where based on animals so why dont we follow the chain. The turtle was so cute we all agreed we should inclue it in the project. Soon after this everything started falling into place. We would include the turtle in the logo along with the name (still yet to think off and design) but also the design was set too. we thought a nice simple white and green theme will look classy bold and strong for our page and make it look more inviting for the viewer

DSC_6955 DSC_6915


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