Catching Up with Becky!

Over the reading week Rebecca was working on the About the Team page, Logo and navigation bar.

In Becky’s Blog posts I could see she was using W3schools which I think is really good as it is a really helpful website to use when dealing with code. She is also using Bootstrap, This website I havn’t heard about before now. I looked over the webpage and to find its a program you can download. It looks quite good and may need to download this and learn its ways for when I come to help the girls out.

Beckys process of the about page starts off by including the simple things like photos of the team with some basic text columns which tell the viewer a little bit about ourselves, Becky also included a header and footer to the page and lastly she has added a navigation bar and search engine.

Although Becky has done a lot here she still sees room for improvement, Such as the photographs need to be the same size and dont look to be stretched. I would suggest that we take some photos in class with the same camera and then they will look similar and also the same size for the page. Next Becky will work on the design, She has made it nice and simple to start with, This is good as the functionality is more important that how it looks. Since becky wrote her post lots of planning has went into this project and im guessing we have more of an idea for the design which i’ll explain in a later post.

Next Becky looked into the logo with the typography and colour. She chosen a simple text so it was easy to read and look at while on the page which also appealed to the target audience. The target audience is important  as becky mentions due to the fact that if the audience finds it unappealing then we may not get as big fan base as we expect. Now becky was wondering what font she may use ranging from Dotum to Arial and also different colour from pink, purple, orange and green. Becky says how she dont want the page to look childish, So what I think is we should have a Colour Platte for the page of 3 Colours. This will make the page look simple yet effective with a strong bond to the page. This will make the page stand out along with the logo here. In out next group meeting I will raise my ideas and start my work on the webpage.




Hughes, R., 2015. beckyhughes94 Available from: [Accessed on the 12th March 2015]


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