Expanding Ideas


Right now Im looking on all my groups blogs to see their ideas as time has passed by, unfortunately Israfiel hasn’t posted anything as off yet so I only have Darlene’s and Rebecca’s Blogs to go by. First I can see they have been looking into the anonymous Idea, As you see above I posted the image from Darlene’s Blog of a mind map they have made, You can see the idea they are expecting from this project.

you can see they want it to be used by BU students in a social way that is anonymous. This is s they can express there ideas, experiences and views about things while at Uni and home. The point of this page will be so students can freely express themselves without the threat of people knowing they have wrote that post. They also want to include a feature where you can rate the posts as positive or negative. With this Idea I though we could add filter where you can see the posts that are rated higher than the rest? I will approach this Idea tomorrow in the group meeting.

They will need to Register and login but the posts they post are anonymous so they don’t display their name anywhere to anybody else, However when they log in they will see a Welcome (name) message, But nobody else will see this besides you. as explained perfectly by Darlene…

  • The users signs up. To do so, he names his year, name, gender and possibly Student ID (this would enable to track a user down in case of strong misuse. But it might also scare users off from sharing all of their thoughts, so we will still decide about that).
    • It is important that the user will at this point be informed that that data is confidential and the posts will be anonymously whatever he enters.
  • The user logs in.
  • After that the user can use the page to either read and rank tweets or tweet himself. We thought about sorting them location wise, but we are not sure if we have enough knowledge to do so. We will have to do more research about that.
    • The tweets will not contain the text, the gender of the person tweeting, their year of study (and maybe location).
  • The user logs out, he returns to the sign-up/login page

Although we are giving student the freedom to speak their mind there may be case where they abuse this power! if such a case does arise we can track the posts being made and find out who they are via their student ID. However we should set a warning message up on the sign up page. Maybe just a little disclaimer saying something like

  • “This Page is so you have your own freedom to talk about your views and ideas, If for any reason you show harm or offence to yourself or anybody else’s safety or well-being your information will be disclosed and used to know the identify of yourself but only to the admins will be aware of this. Besides from this your information is completely safe and not be displayed to the public”.

This is just so people will feel safe while using the website and that if they think about abusing the page they will think again and this shows a bit of authority over the page with a bit of a threat f knowing who you are though your student ID. But hopefully we wont have this problem and people don’t use it for evil.

They also have thought about the CSS, HTML and PHP they will need to include in there page along with the fact they will need people locations, Gender, Year and student IDs. After this they then all had different areas to work on over reading week.

  1. Starting with darlene, working on the the first version of the login page along with the tweeting page. This will be using PHP and also will need to connect to the database to register/login and also to make Posts
  2. Rebecca is working on creating the “About the Team” Page. This will be a page displaying our faces and a little text saying something about us. Also to come up with some potential ides for a name and logo for the page. And lastly to take care of the navigation bar.
  3. Lastly Israfiel is working on the “About BU/Bournemouth” page because this page will be mainly based at BU students in the Bournemouth area.



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