Entity Relationship Diagram


Above is a Draft ERD taken from Rebecca’s blog and one below is from Darlene’s blog. This shows what categories we need to include in the database This Diagram shows the relationship between the User and the Posts they make. This shows that there can be one User to many Posts but not a Post to many Users. This is because a person can post as many posts as they like but they will all have the same user. But different users CANT post the same post! They may write the same thing but it will be a separate post all together and never the exact same one. Also this is the same for Posts, A post can have many photos attracted but them photos only have one post, Again the same image maybe included in a different post but this isn’t the same image. The group also mentioned about adding a location and student ID into the categories. This will make it easy when it comes to looking for posts in certain or different areas.




Büttner, D., 2015. Darlene Büttners’s Blog. Available from: https://darlenebuttner.wordpress.com/ [Accessed on the 27th March 2015]

Hughes, R., 2015. beckyhughes94 Available from: https://beckyhughes94.wordpress.com/ [Accessed on the 27th March 2015]


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