Catching up With Darlene

Over the reading week Darlene was working on the login page as well as the Tweeting page.

In darlene’s blog posts I could see she was struggling with the website interacting with the database to start with. Loads of unknown errors kept coming up on the code and it go frustrating for her. But never the less she managed to work it all though and got it working in the end. Darlene then go the posting working on the tweeting page and also the Logging in and out also worked, However darlene still could get the signing up feature to work. After trying to fix the problem herself she seek help from Kyle.

Gathering this help Darlene relised that she had forgotten some variables which are really crucial for the connection to work. After this Darlene managed to make it work perfectly. Now Darlene has the basics down she looks to be working on the appearance of the page such as, On the Login page the word NAME isn’t to the side of the but but inside the box (see below) so it wasn’t boring and simple but a bit more qwerty. After this Darlene continued working on the appearance of the login Page. This involved adding a background photo that darlene had taken herself and also making the boxes transparent.

Name: [_____] ———>  [_Name_]




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