So right now I’m catching up with my group blogs, Im just going though each blog so I know what they originally came up with and where there ideas had came from.
As I read though both Darlene’s and Becky’s Blogs and could see the first ideas came from an app called JODEL. This app is where you can make an account and anonymously post to and people around your area or university can see them there. When I looked into this was german application and I was unable to download it on the UK store. But I did find something that was like the Jodel app called YikYak which is basically the english version of Jodel.

YikYak looks like a fun app, Over today I have downloaded the app and digged around at all the different features it had to offer. When you 1st open the app you are placed on a page with new posts from people around you. Their also is a ‘Hot’ button so you can see the most liked posts from them recent posts. You also are able to like the post or dislike it. Next you have Peek, This is where posts from major events are happening and you can chose which ones you want to read. Then  you have a Me section where it locates you and all your feed while on the app. Lastly an extras page where the rules, T&Cs and so on are stored.

This Idea I think has real potential, The idea from the group of making a social website like twitter but more anonymous and just for uni students. This means it will be more age based at 18-25 year olds as that is the average age group while in uni. This is such a good way for students to express their feelings and whats on their minds while in uni. Also the tool of making the posts disappear after 50 posts so then the feed will be contently new feeds, This may be a good feature depending on how many we get a day? but we will look at this later in time. So now we know what we what we expect from this webpage, Now we just need to work on the name, colour scheme and logo for the page.

screen322x572 2014-03-25-YikYak1-thumb

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