New Group

Due to issues with some of the groups I have moved to Green 3 from Green 5. This may mean its more complex as I need to start a different project with new people but Im up for the challenge. This isn’t a disadvantage in the slightest if anything I take it as an advantage! I still have all my ideas and knowledge i made with the last group and can include them ideas with the new group.

Right now I need to buckle down and get to speed with my new Group. Ive started by making a list if things i need to catch up on to get to the same stage. First of all I need to look into what research they have done and see where there project had original come from, Next I will need to look how their ideas have deloped and improved over time. This will help me by understanding where they come from but also help them to see the page in a different light. If something is wrong or even if something may work better on the page. This will help us both and have a better webpage because of this

I also need to link my GitHub up with theres and add to there WikiPage so things in the group can move more freely and nicely for us all as there is no harm in making our lives easier šŸ™‚



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