Gathering Ideas

First meeting with new Group now. So my new group briefed me on their ideas and where they are looking to go with the project. They told me how they wanted to make a page for Uni Students to post Anonymous messages on a webpage. This is so students can express there feelings and thoughts to other students without being caught out. This is to express more freewill in what people say and have more confidence in speaking there minds. They then shown me there login page with Bournemouth Beach which I thought was a nice touch to the login page. Its cute and pleasant too lock at which makes it a more welcoming page to come and use.

As I can see the Group really know what they want with the page but they are also having issues, They say how they are unsure on the name of the webpage, and that they dont have a logo. So I thought this is a perfect place to step my foot in without just barging in there way with the page. I think I could help they by making a few suggestions on names for the page and if they like one I can then start working on the logo for the page. Although we may keep Anonymous, But I can also start with some Ideas for a logo with that and just change the name later if it needs to be.

Also they where wondering how to make the boxes change colour as you post onto the page, Now I know a bit about this so hopefully I can help. I will read though the code when I can get my hands on the code. Also working out what PHP, HTML, JavaScript they have used and how they have worked around it all. Also they seem to be having an issue with page sizing and how to make to fit the screen when it moves, and also where to add a location bar. I can see it will be fun to work out these with my new group.

My Group seem to have the basics down with the page with the linking up to the database and overall making it work which is amazing! This means we can focus on improving the page and making it look more appalling to the viewer as well as making the page more efficient.

Jobs to do Before Group meeting on Thursday:
– Read Through Rebecca’s and Darlene’s Blog Posts
– Add my findings to My Blog
– Look more into the blog and research behind the blog
– MindMap different Names
– Start working on basic Logo Ideas



Büttner, D., 2015. Darlene Büttners’s Blog. Available from: [Accessed on the 10th March 2015]

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