Mocking up some Ideas

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 23.52.12

Just looking on the ideas we drew up yesterday, I thought I would take it onto the computer. This is just an image but i was wondering how it would look. So i quickly placed together, Unfortunately I didnt have photoshop so i just downloaded this program so i could see it more visual on the screen. so i added some key features such as the logo header of the page and navigation bar. Then This was the About page so i drawn it out how i though it may look. adding the circles like in the plan, Then a box if it was to pop it out of the name? maybe the circle grows bigger!? and/or changes colour? I also added a purple theme but something was missing. I know its just a mock but it looks too boring! need more going on in the page and to make it more interesting so  by next week hopefully we will have more information to what we are adding to the page and also maybe getting some of the code on the way.


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