Poster Project – Final Outcome

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Okay So its all done and been summited now and Im done, So what I had to do was chose a topic from a list of different things, in which I would have to visually communicate an idea to explain the data within the chosen topic on an A2 sized canvas

The topic I chosen was -What is your social network? Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances

So for this I had a few ideas where I could go with this topic but in the end I chose to do my family tree of Friends. After this I then draw up a few Ideas to what I wanted my design to look like. So after a few lessons on how to use illustrator and Inkscape and also research I was able to start my designs. So I started on the way home for xmas I started my illustrator poster design. I started drawing the tree out first so I had my starting point and could work on from there. After this I started adding all of my friends to the tree. When I had added all of my friend I then started changing the colours of my design to a blue scheme for Facebook. Then after so many different colour changes I came to the Idea of adding the circuit board idea and ditching the tree trunk idea. Then even more colour changing until I started adding the key extras like a title, Facebook logo, key and colour zones on the tree then finally I made the background perfect with the circle gradient, enough to make the tree glow and stand out but less so you can also see the tree trunk

On reflection of my poster design I am extremely happy with the outcome of my design and I mainly love the idea I added using the circuit board, using this idea made my tree look so much better and improved it by so much. i love that it is used on a tree and the lines in the network make it look like the branches to the tree. It just completes the tree and really makes it stand out from the normal boring tree I had before. Although not everything goes to plan as not everything is right about my poster. When I look at the poster I cant help but see the background isn’t a 100% right! although I tried so much to make the background right by trying so many different colours and gradients I didn’t know what else I could do, Its not that I think blue is the wrong colour…. Its just the type of blue I Used in the end I wish I Had chosen a different one. Also The trunk being white caused so many issues then If it was Black but it wouldn’t look as good. But being white it clashes with my bleach blonde hair and the gradient in the background, but without that the poster would be far to flat and not look as nice.

Overall I know I can improve in the areas I messed up in before such as the background and the gradient as improving these would improve my poster so much more. Also something I really regret is not applying a 3D look to the faces. If I was able to go back to the project I would add a second layer with slightly a different colour on my friends faces to make it look a tad 3D and have more depth. The only reason I never acted on this Idea was because this idea I had only thought of Yesterday and was unable to add to my project unfortunately. Next Time I need to plan my working time out better and not do most of it in the last 2 weeks and to spread it all over christmas.

Now my A2 poster is complete and you can see my Poster shows all of my close friends on Facebook, unfortunately I don’t have any family or any acquaintances on my Facebook as I only accept my close friends on Facebook. So what I have done is include all of them and display them on a tree. This tree represents a family tree as I see all my Friends like a Family. You have me at the bottom of the tree sitting right on the trunk. Then have my friends Ive know the longest branch on on my network of pathways from friend to friend. This is because you will meet one friend and then they would make you meet more and them friend make you meet even more and so on and this tree just expands more and more! So you can see in the poster what friends I have known the longest and who I got to know them though and who know who in my friendship Tree

So did I answer the question?

-What is your social network? Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances

What is my social Network – I group of my close friends that are mixed from some that I have known for 15 years and others I have known just this year, all different types of personality, live in different areas and completely different people. Yet they all have one thing in common and what is that? ME! Also the fact that all my friends are connected  though this network we called FACKBOOK! and no matter how much you don’t like it you cant escape the network as there is no forgetting me 😀 People are forever connected but I really believe it shows my social network group in one poster and clearly explains how I have know one person to another. And proud of the final Outcome.


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