Poster Project – Making it look nice

.                                   Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.23.05


So I thought About the 2nd step –  2. Explain? – What message am I trying to tell the audience? So I thought I would think about what I needed to to explain my poster to my audience so I started by adding the words ‘ My Social Network’ Just for a title for my poster but its nice and discreet in the corner which I quite Like.

So then I though what people may think when viewing my poster? and how can I help to explain what I’m trying to show in the poster. With my tree I changed it slightly with the colour scheme. Instead of just the normal blue I used a different ranges of colours starting at the core with a dark blue for the people I have known the longest and then gradually getting lighter the less years I have known the person. until the outside of the tree with all my uni friends are really light blue. I though this is a great way of showing how the viewer how I also saw the poster.

3.  Appealing? – Right now it don’t look too nice so what can I do to make it more interesting to look at as a poster?

Next I jumped a step due to just because this idea came to my mind the night before. When my house mate was playing with a circuit board from his computer randomly. I though about how in a circuit board you have all the different components that are connected together by the pieces of copper strips. The strips make up patterns of pathways to allow the electricity flow between the components. I thought i could relate this to my Social Network seeing as a circuit board is a network and this is my network of friends. I thought of this as my friends are the components and the network between us all are like copper strips with the electricity flowing between us. 

Friends are not just people, We have this bond between us that makes up never able to let go. yes some friends become lost in the network and some die out, but deep down they are their and we can never forget each other due to always being there and still connected by these invisible copper strips. Although some components are stronger than others and without them my network would just brake

So using the circuit board idea I just thought to delete the tree trunk as it don’t fit in at all. So instead of the tree trunk I used this as the core pathways leading from myself and branching out to each one of my friends. Then I added on the end of some lines some dots to make it really look like the circuit board. but the black was to dark and didn’t look to good so I changed the colour to white but thought the dots look nicer with the black inside. After this I started adding in more lines where needed and joining lines together where I missed before and only just seen due to the lines being brighter.

Next time I need to Work on the background and also what else I need to do to express what i’m trying to say in this poster.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.40.45 Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.45.14


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