Poster Project – My Tree

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 19.18.18


Okay so now I have added all my faces to my tree?? But… I don’t like it still… There is just something I don’t like about it thats making me not love it as much as I should. I think Its the colours! The black background NEEDS TO GO! though it was never gonna stay but I need to know what I want for this poster. So for now Im leaving it Like this but when I come back to Bournemouth I’m Going to have a clear Idea of 3 things…

1. Colours? – Use Blue for the link with Facebook more?

2. Explain? – What message am I trying to tell the audience?

3.  Appealing? – Right now it don’t look too nice so what can I do to make it more interesting to look at as a poster?

So after christmas I should have a clear route I’m going to take with this poster and that should help me improve this and make it look so much better than what it is currently looking like.


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