Poster Project – Adding My Social Network

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 18.51.13            Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 19.01.55

So what I’m doing now is going on my Facebook friends list and working my way down it. I started with my friend Ive known the longest, Ashleigh Adkins. The girl in the image above is a friend I have known since Pre-School. After Pre-School we went to the same primary school and high school, Even tho I moved high school in year 9 we still remained friends. Until my 2nd year of college where Ashleigh dropped out of six form and also came to college and we saw each other most days again, Until now… Seeing as we both have left for different Uni’s. Ashleigh is one of my key main friends in my life and no matter how far away we are I know I will always have her, She will always be the strongest branch in my tree.

So what I did was go onto Ashleigh’s Facebook profile and stole her profile Photo, I couldn’t take the 1st one due to not being able to see her full face. I need to see the full face or at least most of it in order to trace it in the same way as I did the tree. After tracing it I would use the eyedropper tool so select the right shade of colour to match the right skin and hair tone. Although these aren’t going to be 100% right due to different lighting in the photos and I’m unable to get all of my friends list to take a perfect photo in the same lighting, Also the fact they are taken from the profile photos of themselves makes it more personal and more for the topic I’m doing for my poster. Like I said in my sketch designs, Im only going to draw the hair and face, This way its more a symbol than a drawing.

Next I then Changed the direction of the hair as she is tilted to one side, So I rotated the outline I made and then started playing with the lines at the end out her hair so it stands more freely and not look like she is tilted. Even though I have done this I may go back as I still have all the little flakes in the hair that you saw then the hair was dangling but if the head is more upright its wouldn’t flake as much and would just hang downwards.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 19.12.24


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