Poster Project – What is your social Network?

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 21.29.54

-What is your social network? Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances

So what is my Social Network? Facebook!? Well yes! Facebook is known to be the biggest Social Media Network going at this day and age. So what Im basically planning to do with this is get my own Facebook page out, As who do I know better then myself and my friends, Above here is a screenshot of my very own Facebook friend list and i’ve just noticed that the 4 friends it has shown there are my best friends in order… so top left is my primary school BF, left bottom is my secondary school BF, top right is my college BF and lastly the bottom right is my uni BF.

So what i’m planning to do is a Family Tree of some sort. I will have myself on the trunk of the tree and then the core branches are my primary school friends then that will branch out to my high school friends and keep branching out. This will continue in till the last ones which will be my uni friends as i’ve just got to know them. Then I will have all of my friends in order of myself knowing them on a friendship tree as such.


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