Poster Project – One of my Final Idea Sketchs

Photo on 09-12-2014 at 17.10

Here I have been branching out my ideas… See what I did there? branching? Its a tree!! Oh never-mind 😀 So the ideas for my poster Idea was that I wanted it to be a nice 2D flat design that is colourful yet quite discreet. So I started  out with a tree with some core branches, these core branches will me my 1st childhood friends in which I would have made in primary school or even pre-school.

I then branched out on this and included the friends I had then made in high school which also branches out more due to the fact half way though high school I moved school and got to know even more people. As I grow up and got older and wiser I started to adventure out of my home town and go to the cities of England, going to different events and concerts, this also made my friend list grow bigger. After high school I then went to college for 3 years and took 2 different courses which means I then again was making even more friends and also getting around and going to different places and meeting new people. Lastly I then took a giant leap to Bournemouth! As I now attend Uni! This meant because I moved over 200miles aways from home I am forced to meet new people and make even more friends as I make my new life down here. This shows my friendship group is always growing but at the same time also shrinking due to knowing so many people and moving away I have also lost touch with some of my friends.

All the friends I have on this tree are from my Facebook friends list, so everyone I will list on my friendship tree are people I still have contact with and talk too. Also I have included them friends that everyone has on their friend lists, the ones you may only talk to once a year if that and they are just there on your Facebook for no reason. I think I have it easier than some people, I don’t like having 1,000s of friends which I did have back in 2010 but then thought whats the point? and started a new Facebook with the friends I like and not just people I know. I thought of adding more to this, such as my good friends that I have had but then lost over the years I thought I could have fallen friends of the list or broken branches. When it comes to designing it I think I may draw it and see if I like it or not, as it might be too much for this poster.

Photo on 09-12-2014 at 19.03


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