Poster Project – Ideas

Photo on 11-12-2014 at 20.47

(This image was taken in my webcam so it is backwards)

The first Idea I have came up with is a graph, This graph shows the amount of friends I have had on Facebook over the years. It starts out with the year I started Facebook where I had about 3-7 friends, then as I moved up into high school I would gain more and more friends then as the years gone by. Then I moved school and got more friends until I went on a deleting spree and went down to about 300 friends but gained more when moved to college and going to events but then delete more and even less as the years go on. This is then a time line of the spicks and drops of my friends though-out the years.

Second idea was meant to be me as an animal, Have no idea why i’m a penguin think I saw a penguin at the time and didn’t want to draw myself. but also in this idea I have all my friends showing up in bubbles behind me. Though I don’t know what facts this really show and what It means so im most likely not going to do this idea.

Thirdly I tried to draw the map of England. Yeah not to good at drawing am I! And then I started to think where I met all of my friends I have had on Facebook. So I was born in Warwickshire so I will have lots of friends from all different places around there. But then I have also meet up with people from Concerts, Festivals, Events and school trips ect… Which means I’ve been up and down the country meeting new and intreating people over the time. This I think is one of my pretentioal ideas.

Fourthly is my friendship Tree! This takes from the family tree layout but with all my Facebook friends. This is simply a tree with simple faces that represent all of my friends. So then core branches will be my childhood friends that I will never forget, Then these branches with branch out to how I meet new people though them friends such as going to high school, college and uni and meeting new friends though my old ones. These all link to different branches but some of them branches have dead ends and lost touch where others still maybe growing strong and have more branches to grow from. another pretentious Idea

Fifthly Isn’t the best Idea but was meant to be ribbons that show life lines, such as in high school I would have all of my friends I had meet there and how we are still connected by using Facebook and other social networks. These ribbons all cross each other but I just don’t like the Idea so I don’t think I will go with it.

Lastly I have the Idea of a plant. This is a mix of both the tree and time line ideas. What I thought I could do is make the steam of the plant into a Timeline of my years while i’ve been active on social media websites. I though I could make the leaf to the flower bigger depending how many friends I had at that time. So something like going to a new school means that I will have a high raise of friends at that time. Then on each leaf I Would write how many friends I had that year. This could work upwards as well as downwards. Then I could be the flower and the pot is my life.


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