Starting Development and Realisation


Yesterday I received my brief, I have to do two things. the first one of which is making a weblog to make notes of my step by step progression of my project. so every time I do something I will need to write it up. So i’m planning on added that weblog to this one so i can keep all my work together but will make it so its all placed in a different category to the rest of my work so its all together. The second one is a project for making a visually interesting A2 poster that also provides data within it, We can choose from many different subjects but I think i have chosen to go with..

-What is your social network? Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances

This is because i think it will make the project a lot more interesting to base it around my life and see what really is my social network. I plan an using lots of symbolic images in my poster and have it look simple yet also effective. How i’m going to do that i have no idea at this day and age but with a bit of research it will soon come to me.

I have been looking at the other people’s work and how it can help me think of different ways I can do my poster. I found these posters on a website called ‘Information Is Beautiful’. This website has some amazing ideas I could include in my work, but also just interesting to view even if they have nothing to do with my work. Im hoping to make my poster like these, something people will find interesting and will want to read it. I think I will have to explore my ideas next and wonder on from there.


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