Look! Im on TV! AfterEffects

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.15.34 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.16.04

Look i’m on TV! Yeah not really but I really liked this effect. So what I did to start with was hold some green cardboard behind my head. Then i headed onto a program call Photo Booth to just take a video for about 10 seconds of me messing about. This was quite awkward as I had no idea what I needed to do. So in the end I just looked awkward and stuck my tongue out.

After this I then imported the video into AfterEffects so could then change it about and make it into the final piece. So I started by finding an image of an old TV I could use. After this I then changed a few settings with my video such as taking out the green screen and smoothing the edges, I also increase the contrast and then changed it to black and white. Then all i had left to do was add the static into the TV behind me. What i did was make a rectangle of a pattern I had found. When you increased the number of cells in the pattern the circles got smaller to the size just like on TV, I then placed this rectangle to the back of the layers. Then I worked on the TV layer, What i had to do was erase the screen part so you could see me thought it. After this I then moved this layer to the top so the lose ends of the other layers hid behind the screen.

Lastly what I had to do was add my text ‘Hello i’m Tina’. I did this by writing out each word on different layers so i could change each one and make them move differently to the rest. I started with the word Hello! I made this huge and at the top sat on the wall. the transition for this text I choses was that it would bounced inwards from the right. Next was the work i’m which i made really small and let it grow into size. Last of all the word TINA! which i made drop down from the top and fall into place with a bit of a bounce. This looked amazing tho thing I would change is that when i was erasing the green scene it also selected some of my bracelets and now I have and invisible bit in my arm.Besides that this project was fun and I enjoyed making my video,

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.16.32 Retro grunge tv against brick wall.


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