My Example of Long Exposure Photos

DSC_6508 DSC_6621 DSC_6609

So this week we were set with a new Task, So I started with Long exposure photos. I started by taking images of my clock in my bedroom so it would track the second hand move around the clock, But some some reason this came out as just a white photo. So then i went outside and took some photos of the cars racing past but yet again they where to bright and blurred. I then thought maybe if i took the image in a darker place then i have done, it may come out less exposed due to taking in too much sunlight during the long exposure. It wasn’t till I accidentally left the long shutter speed on my camera till i next came to use it. I wanted to take a photo of my sparkler, When i noticed i left it on i started making patterns by moving the sparkler around. I then took more photos of my sparklers. I made some draw in the sky, Some I captured every spark as the flew off and Lastly the fireworks as the fly in the sky. This shows how the firework travels in the sky before the big explosion. I really enjoyed drawing with the sparkler in the night. I really was like painting with light.

DSC_6577     DSC_6572


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